Esther Robb

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About Me

I am a second-year MS student at Virginia Tech working with Prof. Jia-Bin Huang. My primary research interests are in Reinforcement Learning and Data-Efficient Learning. I was a research intern at Google two times, and had the oppotunity to work with Sergio Guadaramma and Kuang-Huei Lee in Summer 2020, and with Vincent Chu and Abhishek Kumar in Summer 2019. During undergraduate studies at Virginia Tech I also had the opportunity to work with Prof. Mike Ruohoniemi and Prof. Joseph Baker on unsupervised classification of radar backscatter, and with Prof. Hongliang Xin on visualization of machine learning methods for catalyst discovery.

DropLoss for Long-tail Instance Segmentation
AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI), 2021
[Paper] [Project page] [GitHub](Coming Soon)
Few-Shot Adaptation of Generative Adversarial Networks
arXiv preprint, 2020
[Paper] [Project page] [GitHub]
NAS-DIP: Learning Deep Image Prior with Neural Architecture Search
European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV), 2020
[Paper] [Project page] [GitHub] [Colab]

  • [12/2020] One paper is accepted to AAAI2021.
  • [07/2020] One paper is accepted to ECCV2020.
  • [05/2020] I will be a research intern at Google Brain this summer.